Bacteriology And Microbiology

The Microbiology section test a variety of clinical samples for infectious microbes. Many different tests exist to
detect and measure whether you have a bacterial infection. The test can also identify what type of
bacteria caused the infection, which helps guide treatment decisions. For a bacteria culture test

  • Throat Culture
  • Urine Culture and Drug Susceptibility
  • Respiratory Culture and Drug Susceptibility

                    - Nasopharyngeal

                    - Sputum

  • Stool Culture
  • Genital Culture

                    - Cervical

                    - Urethral

  • Wound and Miscellaneous Culture and Drug Susceptibility

                   - Wounds

                   - Ear

                   - Eye

                   - Nose

                   - Tissue

                   - Gram Stain

                   - Clostridium difficile toxin assay

                   - Blood culture and sensitivity


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