Allergy Testing

Fusion Diagnostics Allergy Testing

The ImmunoCap allergy assays offer a comprehensive allergy profile, which includes sensitivity to already confirmed allergens. The assays can be performed on hundreds of allergens such as pollens, weeds, trees, mold, food, and animal dander. ImmunoCap results will assist in determining the true cause of symptoms, for such diseases as asthma, which in turn allows for superior and more specific care.

Allergy Test Panels Offered

  • Shellfish (Clam, Oyster, Crab, Shrimp, Blue Mussel, Lobster)
  • Stinging Venomous Insects (Yellow Jacket, Honey Bee, White-Faced Hornet, Paper Wasp, Yellow Hornet, Total IgE)
  • Childhood Allergy (Alternaria Alternata, Cat Dander, Cladosporium herbarum, Cockroach, Cod Fish, D. farina, D. pteronyssinus, Dog Dander, Egg White, Milk, Peanut, Shrimp, Soybean, Walnut, Wheat, Total IgE)
  • Food (Scallop, Codfish, Peanut, Clam, Egg White, Milk, Wheat, Corn, Sesame Seed, Soybean, Shrimp, Walnut)
  • Pollen (Orchard Grass, Timothy Grass, June Grass, Red Top Grass, Johnson Grass, Common Ragweed, Giant Ragweed, Maple, Birch, Oak, Japanese Cedar, Hickory/Pecan Tree)
  • Respiratory (Alternaria alternate, Aspergillus fumigatus, Bermuda Grass, Birch, Cat Dander, Cladosporium herbarum, Cockroach, Common Ragweed, Cottonwood, D. farina, D. pteryonyssinus, Dog Dander, Elm, Maple, Maple Leaf Sycamore, Mountain Cedar, Mugwort, Mulberry, Oak, Penicillium notatym, Rough pigweed, Sheep sorrel, Timothy Grass, Walnut, White Ash, Total IgE)

Why ImmunoCap is Superior

  • Can reduce worry & unnecessary food avoidance or medication
  • Discover hidden risks due to cross-reactions
  • Quantitative measurement to confirm or rule out allergies