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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fusion Diagnostics Laboratories hours of operation and location?
We are located at 210 Malapardis Road, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927; we have additional satellite locations (patient care center) opening soon. Please call 1866-Fusion-Lab to find out if there is a patient care center near you. We are open to patients at our Cedar Knolls NJ headquarters from 9am – 7pm Monday –Friday.

About Lab Tests
How do I prepare for a test that requires fasting?
Please drink water in advance of your test so that you stay hydrated, but DO NOT eat or drink anything else (including coffee) for 12 hours before your specimen collection.

Can I take my medications prior to a lab test?
Yes, you may. Drinking water and taking your regular prescribed medications will not affect your test results.

Where can I get instructions on preparing for a specific test?
You can call 1866-Fusion-Lab and speak to a customer care representative or go to www.FusionDiagnostics.com and specific instructions are located in the area marked patients.

What should I bring?
Be sure to bring your insurance card, your driver’s license or another form of valid photo identification, as well as your doctor’s prescription and completed requisition. Please let us know if there were any recent changes to your personal information, including your name, address, phone number or insurance plan.

What if I have a reaction to my blood draw?
Reactions to blood draws are rare and usually mild. Experts generally recommend that you eat a healthy meal, drink plenty of fluids and avoid heavy lifting for 12 hours after you have blood drawn.

About Test Results

Why do physicians order laboratory tests?
Physicians order lab tests as part of a routine checkup to look for any changes in your health or to assist in the diagnosis of medical conditions and to monitor the progression of a disease. Recent estimates suggest that 70 percent of decisions regarding patient treatment are based on the lab test results.

How do I get my test results?
Fusion Diagnostics sends your lab results directly to your physician, who can best explain their significance to you. While we prefer to that you see your doctor for details, you may also request a copy of your lab results when you arrive for your lab test, by phone calling toll free at 1866-Fusion-Lab, or in person at the time of service.
Are safeguards present to protect the confidentiality of my test results?
Fusion Diagnostics values the privacy of your health information and is required by federal law to protect it. Our HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices for Protecting Health Information explains the ways in which Fusion Diagnostics may use and disclose medical information by law.
How do I authorize someone to request my test results?
You can complete an authorization form that tells Fusion that you permit a specific individual (e.g. your spouse, your son, your friend) to request your test results. You may access an authorization form by calling 973-998-8189 or toll free 1866-Fusion-Lab.